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  前の商品 About Erda Real Flower Jewelry Co.,Ltd.

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* About us and our products

 Erda Real Flower Jewelry Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of flower products in Japan. All of our products are 100% real flower product, Our pressed flower products have been exported to all over the world.Real flower jewelries are our new products, which had taken us many times to researched and developed basing on our long-term experience of real flower processing. Whatever for the technique of processing,or for the planting and electing of flower, we are the best.
 Our products are made from real fresh flowers.The color of our product is enriched and nature.  Each piece of our jewelry is absolutely unique, there are never two alike, because every real flower has it's unique shape.

 There are two processing way of our products. One processing way make the flower jewelry softer which is soft like Preserved flower, but it has more flexible and intensity than Preserved flower. And it’s color approaching fresh flower even more. The color of soft flower will become weaker after one year. As long as you notice to protect against the humidity, it will keep the fresh color for a long time. Even if it’s turn colors, we can still wear and enjoy it as a  antique color jewelry.

The other processing way make the flower jewelry more rigid which is glittering and translucent like a Colored stone flowers. It has more intensity and strong in friction. It’s color will be hold very long.It can be used in all of jewelries and accessories.
Except the finished products, we also supply the part of flowers and petals .You can choose the processing way by yourself according to your need.

* About payment

 T/T in advance or T/T 50% before producing, the balance 50% will be pay before delivery.
 We also accept paypal.

*About Mail

 A small of them will be sent by EMS. A large of them will be sent
by air mail.
 For example, less 1kg of them, from Japanese to USA, it will take
about 3 or 4 day, and the freight is about USD24.

*Conact US
 Please contact us for orders or information
  By fax  0081-45-308-5122
  By E-mail : or

 Our English Web-site:

If you have not receive any answer from us for a long time after
 you sent us your email, please try it again or fax to us.



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